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Did you know that...
  • Professional hydrotherapists are constantly present to guide through your thalassotherapy session the whole time.
  • You can safely store your valuables or other personal items that you wish, into our safety deposits, for free.
  • Our facilities can be used by people more  than 16 years old. People younger than 16 years old, can enter the place only in very specific cases and after written approval of the  guardian.
Did you know that...
  • Sea water in used in the main pool-and at other wet areas of the centre- that is pumped from a distance of 150m. from the coast. The water that is pumped, is thoroughly filtered so as to eliminate any harmful for the human body element.
  • Thalassotherapy pool's temperature is constantly at 33-37o C.
  • The personal locker in the changing rooms contains the clothing that you are going to need during your stay to us.