Gym Group Programs

Aegeo Gym group lessons have been created based on security and results. People of all ages can follow our programs with safety for their muscle-skeletal system.
Ask one of Aegeo Gym expertise trainers.
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  • Aqua tone plus

    Aqua fitness, with conditions and equipment that only Aegeo Gym offers. Take advantage of it! This program offers weight loss, tightening and muscle stimulation for the whole body.
    Equipment: Bathing suit, towel and good mood.

  • Spinning

    The program that has astonished all athletes in big athletic centres all around the world, now in Crete only by Aegeo Gym! Our goal is intense weight loss, belly and leg sculpture, expansion and high adrenaline.
    Equipment: Static bikes and music!

  • Astanga & Power Yoga

    The postures of eternal yoga in more powerful breathing and motion combinations. Exercise your body and rest your mind.
    The target is meditation, balance, suppleness and the protection of vital organs.

  • Pilates

    The 21st century exercise. Its goal is the therapy of the back, neck, waist and the strengthening of belly and gluts through dynamic exercises. Learn how to move with elegance. You will note yourselves that it is not accidentally named “Dancers’ Exercise”.

  • Slimming

    An ideal 30min.programme for weight and fat loss, based on power aerobic.

  • Aerobic/step plus - Dance aerobic

    Does it need any references? All time classic programs that remain for the last 30 years at top of your preferences.
    Choreographic exercise with music for heart, lungs, circulation, lymph, hormones, muscles and skeleton, body balance, detoxification and smile and good mood. Thank you aerobic! Thank you Step!

  • Fit Box

    Intense aerobic exercise, targeting at weight loss and the improval of physical condition, using moves from box!

  • energy abs

    Strengthening and tightening of abs and dorsal using breaths, expertise exercises and “opening” of the spine.



    • Nice flat belly
    • Firm and strong Waist
  • Legs-buttocks-hands

    Organized program with music targeting at strengthening and tightening of legs and arms, through a series of isometric and dynamic exercises. Come to us to build a nice and well-shaped figure!


  • Body Pump / fit-balls

    An aerobic exercise program aiming at tightening and fat loss, using fit balls and bars.

  • Thai step

    A special weight loss and tightening program based on Tae-bo moves.

  • Spine control

    A program for the spine. It strengthens back-belly-legs and is performed by an expertised physiotherapist.

  • Perfect Body

    A surprise program for men and women! Intense results in a minimum of time!!!

  • Special Spinning

    A new combination for legs and arms on static bikes for demanding athletes!!! Exclusively by Aegeo Gym!!!

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