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  • Thalassotherapy

    Thalassotherapy lies today amongst the first places of documented and proved means against stress, circulation problems, obesity, cellulite and the negative effects environment has on man. Those beneficial effects on human body and soul are provided through warm sea water at human body’s temperature. That way, we achieve maximum absorbance of minerals, traces and vitamins from the human body.
    The main elements of marine environment are: ammonia, potassium, calcium, lithium, magnesium, bromine, chlorine, iodine, hydrogen phosphate, carbohydrates, sulphates, sodium, ferrum, strontium (based on a research on marine environment conducted by Fresserius Institute on 1998).

  • Bath Personal

    Personal bath is a health therapy. Its rich content in traces, immediately reinvigorates and oxygenizes the human body. Ideal for those stressed.

  • Bath Tonic

    Bath is a health therapy. Its rich content in traces, immediately reinvigorates and oxygenizes the human body. Ideal for those who are stressed.

  • Magnetic Fields

    Magnetotherapy effects on tissues and adipocyte’s cellular membrane, as they are not healthy. It destroys free radicals and neutralizes them. It also has a positive effect on cells’ sodium-potassium balance. It has immediate results on cellulite, slimming, firming. It also increases bone mass.

  • Pressotherapy

    Therapy that centers on problematic body parts. It is ideal for lymph drainage, weight loss and cellulite.

  • Slim up

    It combines the results of electrotherapy-we use electric power to achieve muscle and tissue stimulation- depending on the desirable goal (slimming, cellulite, detox) using currents with different frequencies. Heat is produced through infrared radiation lamps. Infrared radiation can penetrate deeper at skin and increase metabolism. It has been estimated that for each Celsius degree that our body temperature rises, basic metabolism increases by 14%. It is better to have exercised first  or have had a massage, thalassotherapy or mud treatment.

  • Thalasso Slim

    Ideal therapy for people with local fat and/or cellulite which acts mainly on the unsightly accumulations that destroy silhouette. It combines the benefits of sea water at 30-40 0C with the mechanic pressures of hydromassage and the slimming properties of essential oils.

  • Turbojet

    The raise of body temperature is mechanically increased. It has been scientifically proved that the raise of body temperature by 1 oC increases body metabolism approximately by 15%. Respectively, the increase of body temperature by 3 oC, causes metabolism acceleration by 45%. This method can be used both for local and whole slimming.

  • Ultraton

    We use electric currents to stimulate muscles and tissues. As a result, we achieve lipolysis and tightening.

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