Enjoy an experience of royalty!


After a tiring day at work, an intense training or a strong massage, enjoy a unique journey to the world of senses;the world of thalasso!

Begin your fantastic journey in the thalassotherapy pool and feel the warm sea water touch every single part of your body, with the 14 hydromassage points.

The royal hammam is the next station of your trip. Sit on your throne, spread the sea-mud on your body and feel it free of toxins and dead cells, more relaxed and lightsome. A heavenly sea rain will then wash your body; the blood flow will be stimulated, the pores of your skin will open.

You will feel your skin smoother, silky and healthy and your mood rose.

Continue with a delightful tonic beverage of carefully chosen tea flavours, before you relax in the sea ionization hall, feeling a marine aura caress your face and body.

The next 15 minutes visit the “Caldarium” and “Frigidarium” and feel the contrast of temperature give you a sense of reinvigoration and vivification.

Complete the magic circle of pleasure, swimming in the heated Relax pool, or comfortably seated in one of the Jacuzzi…

It may seem like a fairytale, but it belongs to your own individual reality!

Make the choice of queens and kings!

thalasso is definitely the place you want to be!